Repair Shop Websites

Functional Websites that will put money in your pocket

If you want to maximize the amount of customers that your car repair shop can get via its website, you need to make sure that the website is properly optimized for search engines.

Target the right keywords – ideal keywords to target for a car repair shop should include the location of the car repair shop. Examples include "car repair Phoenix" or "Houston car repair shops". Targeting the right keywords ensures that people who look for a car repair shop in search engines will be directed to your car repair shop.

Make sure that the website is properly indexed – include the keywords you target in prominent areas of the site's layout. This means placing the keywords in page titles, headlines, post titles, link anchor texts and even the URLs.

Get the top position in the results pages – by planting a lot of back links to your car repair shop website, you can improve the site's relevance and get a better standing in search engine results pages for the keywords that you target.

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